Sharon McCarthy

Sharon McCarthy

Integrated Awareness®
Advanced IA Studies Completed: 
Truly Sane Human®
Brain Mapping
Archimedes Lever
New Domains
Your Five Brains & the Heart
San Rafael , CA
United States
What originally drew me to Integrated Awareness?:

My early spiritual explorations were primarily mystical in nature and I did not fully realize the intrinsic interlace of Body and Soul. My interest in alternative healing and my evolving spiritual growth awoke within me the awareness of a need for truly being ''in'' my body.

I came to Integrated Awareness with an intention to heal a lumbar curvature of my spine. I had only recently come to believe that it was something that I could actually change. IA offered me direct experiences through which I could unearth deep resources of spirit within my body. The realization that I had adopted this posture was quite an awakening! Now I could acknowledge both my responsibility for ingrained and limiting behaviors, as well as my ability to make new choices for expansion and healing.

I see IA as a path of presence, of heart, and of deep compassion for self and other. I am re-membering my wholeness as I access and trust the wisdom, power and inherent knowledge of my body.

Background and Additional Credentials: 
* BFA from Hartford Art School w/2nd major in Philosophy and Eastern Religions.
* Special interests/studies include: portrait photography, photomontage, astrology, enneagram, dance, natural healing/herbal medicine, wise women traditions, and Celtic Spirituality
* Special blessings - the joy of mothering two daughters