Truly Sane Human®

Truly Sane Human

A vision, a state to be sought and an IA course to be taken in multiple senses of the words.  

It’s a vision of a life in which personal freedom, compassion, choice, integrity and respect are the same thing.  

It’s a state in which all the aspects of your being are present, congruent, aligned, awake and aware.  

It’s a direction toward which you are aimed and a road on which you are already traveling.  The latter is open ended, 3-4 years long, shared with others, ever expanding in nature, rewarding on the journey and frequently ecstatic in the moment. 

We anticipate the next Truly Sane Human Series will begin the fall of 2020 or early 2021.  Currently we are not sure if our next avocational invitation will be in apprenticeship or more personal, at least at first, with this course.

Personal stories from some who attended a previous series.