What is IA?

Integrated Awareness offers significant opportunities for physical healing, personal growth and deepened spiritual connection through body-centered learning. Integrated Awareness refers to a quality of living in which the mind does not have precedence over the brain and body and the spirit becomes as tangible as a skeleton - recognizing emotions as the source of creativity from which the energetic fields of the body become as immediate and as tactile as the skin. 

Exploring Our Body’s Map. The founder of Integrated Awareness, Lansing Barrett Gresham, has empirically developed The Body’s Map Of Consciousness® over four decades of touch and movement work using enhanced perception. This map correlates levels of human consciousness with specific body sites and patterns. Non-causal in nature, it affords insight and healing opportunities for the entire spectrum of human experience.

Movement Is Life. Our core movement habits formed at a very early age while we were still adapting to and bonding with our families. These learned movements supported us during our formative years, yet they can be limiting and restrictive for our adult expression. Integrated Awareness offers both energetic and direct tools that bring these barriers into conscious awareness, allowing us to make new choices and to fully express who we are in the present.

Touch and Movement. Both touch and movement are direct ways of assisting us to remember and reclaim forgotten parts of ourself – revealing more of the beauty of who we are. Being at ease within ourself is expressed by the comfort and grace of our movements. When our bodies move freely we feel conscious of more choice and authenticity.

Healing. Whenever a new choice is made and previously restricted movement is allowed, healing begins. Regardless of which one happens first – conscious awakening or freedom of movement – the other will follow.

Shared by IA Graduate, Sharon McCarthy
original IA content by IA’s Founder