Jean Kahn

Jean Kahn

Integrated Awareness®
Santa Rosa , CA
United States
What originally drew me to Integrated Awareness?:

Growing up, I dreamed of becoming a dancer. Then, when I developed debilitating neck and lower lumbar pain, I thought I would have to give up my dream. Fortunately, I located a dance instructor who was also an Integrated Awareness® Teacher. I worked with her to overcome these problems and heal my crippling conditions.

Today, through ongoing IA sessions, the health problems that threatened to prevent me from expressing myself through movement have been substantially healed. I have returned to my life’s passion for modern dance, received degrees in dance from UCSB and UCLA, taught dance, and performed in several professional dance competitions.

I am no longer in any pain in my lower back or neck. I have gained new awareness and understanding about their origins and have been inspired by my experience to become an IA Teacher myself. Through the expanded consciousness that came with using the tools for self-healing, I am now more able to help others successfully.

A description of my current services:

What benefits my clients the most is the capacity to intuitively sense what may be the nature of the issue underlying their disability. This awareness enables me to offer specific services that can help immediately. People often change remarkably, feel much improved, and comment on how quickly their discomfort is alleviated. Range of motion is frequently enhanced, blockages released and a whole new set of choices in life based on freedom from suffering and recovered mobility become available.

Through Integrated Awareness®, those who have lived with chronic limitations are able to overcome frustrations and nagging discomforts, and enhance the quality of their lives. They discover tools that they can use to help themselves in the future -- self-self discovery.

Background and Additional Credentials: 
Bodynamics, Inc.
Structural Mechanics
Zero Balancing
Theta Healing
Self Questing