Individual Sessions

Individual Sessions

Typically sitting or reclining fully clothed on a cushioned table or similar surface, your IA Teacher will suggest by touch, shared intention and various movements several ways that you may discover and then investigate facets of yourself and your life related to the needs you feel and challenges you face but do not yet know how to meet.  Many options seem impossible when actually they are just not permitted.  

What are sometimes known as “choice points” emerge in your awareness offering new directions, ways of letting go, resolution of issues both physical and emotional and insight into belief and models which no longer serve.  The process is generally comfortable, sometimes exciting and can easily be validated by your own inner experiences.  

Dual Sessions

Couples, family members, close associates, etc. often agree on a problem but not on a solution.  In such cases, two IA Teachers will work simultaneously with you on side-by-side tables until a new third choice or idea arises for both guests.  A renewed commitment with a new plan usually appears for both.  

It is recommended that each person have at least one individual session prior to requesting a dual session.  


Multi-Teacher Session 

Senior IA Teachers can bring together one or more colleagues in order to rapidly and dramatically – often in one session – assist the guest to “get unstuck”, “move beyond” or “begin again”.  

Individual sessions before and after these are strongly recommended in order to prepare in advance and integrate after a multi-hands experience.