The Body's Map of Consciousness®

Every site and every component of your body that you can recognize as distinct from any other is predisposed to respond and react in linkage with specific feelings and emotions, habits of thought, embedded memories, genetic endowments, levels of energy and everything else that defines you as unique.  These “teams” also express their existence in movements and behaviors, in the increased likelihood of particular illnesses or injuries, in our choice of relationships or careers, in the degree of self-worth, connectedness and shared humanity that we embrace. 

When one or two frequent team “players” appear together, (e.g… abandonment issues and knee ligament damage), opportunities to resolve broader issues are suggested to the IA Teacher along with gentle points of contact to ease that change. 

Through movement, touch and expanded perception you can access directly your body’s map of consciousness.  Our bodies are always in present time and space – and they never lie. 

Our body’s map is utilized equally in hands-on sessions as well as in workshop settings. 

Read more in The Body’s Map of Consciousness, Volume 1: Movement (availalbe in our on-line store).