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Integrated Awareness is a way of exploring how we create and interpret our experiences of ourselves and the world around us using our bodies, 
since they always remain in present time.    

Integrated Awareness offers significant opportunities for physical healing, personal growth and deepened spiritual connection through body-centered learning. Integrated Awareness refers to a quality of living in which the mind does not have precedence over the brain and body and the spirit becomes as tangible as a skeleton - recognizing emotions as the source of creativity from which the energetic fields of the body become as immediate and as tactile as the skin. 

Every site and every component of your body that you can recognize as distinct from any other is predisposed to respond and react in linkage with specific feelings and emotions, habits of thought, embedded memories, genetic endowments, levels of energy and everything else that defines you as unique.  These “teams” also express their existence in movements and behaviors, in the increased likelihood of particular illnesses or injuries, in our choice of relationships or careers, in the degree of self-worth, connectedness and shared humanity that we embrace. 

An interview with the founder of Integrated Awareness®,
Lansing Barrett Gresham 

Lansing guides others to awaken their innate healing abilities. He is both the founder and principal of the Center for Integrated Awareness in Petaluma, California, a healing and teaching center devoted to that purpose. He teaches and models a healer’s most important duty —to recognize and respond to the whole person.
Q: What is Integrated Awareness?