The Avocation

— As of March 2020 all IA Study Programs have been put on hold due to Covid.  

We look forward to a “new normal” along with new offerings to fit. — 


Integrated Awareness offers three avocational stages of learning: Personal, Exploratory and Apprenticeship.  These often begin with a mini-intensive.

Personal Study

When a fundamental and profound evolution in your personal life becomes timely, a relationship with IA opens up a magical path.
A personal contract is typically based upon a twenty-day commitment to self-healing within a twelve month period.  It guarantees regular stimulus and integration by both hands-on and class times and grows from a written set of Declarations from the student which will guide them and IA both in manifesting what they truly want.

Exploratory Study

Individual experience of the life changing results that Integrated Awareness supports inspires some of us to want and feel that we may be ready to give something greater back to the world. Those who do choose to embark on deeper work are often motivated by an underlying need for more clarity regarding their own life purpose.
Individual Work over time or a Personal Contract can lead to curiosity about “HOWIA succeeds when seen from the Teacher’s perspective.  To introduce some of the Integrated Awareness tools and their applications, an Exploratory Contract is a good choice.  Added onto to all the ingredients of a Personal Contract are five more days which will be devoted to assisting the Teacher during other Guests’ table sessions in order to experience the work from the “hands-on-side” for yourself.
It takes courage to open up your inner self to the reality that the healing path we call Integrated Awareness – though wondrous – is actually innate in all humans, and that you, too, may develop these skills.  
The same twelve month time frame applies as well.  If interested, contact us.

The Apprenticeship

When your own healing has progressed and your life circumstances have combined to invite more in-depth curiosity and study of Integrated Awareness, the possibility of undertaking an individual Apprenticeship still exists. As with any genuine avocation, there are stages and milestones.
A full Apprenticeship leading to a standing either as an IA Graduate or a Teacher unfolds over a period of three to five years typically divided into one-year contracts of thirty to forty days each.  Every year will include:
  • Individual sessions 
  • Sessions with Senior Teachers
  • Avocational workshops 
  • Events open to and including members of the Public
  • And such additional coaching and discovery components as prove necessary for the individual student.
It is not unusual for someone in the middle of a Personal or Exploratory contract to realize that they now want to move on to an apprenticeship.  Applications to do so are handled on an each case basis.  Given that the existing contract of either type is in good standing, days completed thereunder may be credited toward the apprenticeship.  For more information please contact the IA Center directly.
Since IA Teachers come from successful backgrounds across a broad spectrum – as parents, from corporate, medical, non-profit, legal and many other realms –  conventional academic and licensure prerequisites do not apply.
A Calling can be heard and felt by anyone when it is real.  A good test of its genuineness is that the idea of it is a bit scary, a bit exciting, and it will not go away.