When your life is at a tipping point, you feel really stuck and clarity is outside of your grasp… a mini-intensive is often very helpful.

Most mini-intensives are 4-5 days in length, consist of multiple individual sessions and a 1- or 2-day workshop followed by an Integration Session to
smooth return into your familiar life circumstances.

These are offered at the Center in Sonoma County, CA and may be by IA Teachers in their locale.  All are created specifically for the wishes of each person.
If you are interested and would like more information, contact us directly.

Family intensives:

When an infant or young child is the focus or when a family configuration is resistant to change by other therapeutic options, it is best for the parents (or other caregivers) to receive IA sessions immediately before and/or along with whomever is the primary Guest.  Children and the elderly in particular often limit their own changes for the better if the family matrix does not grow along with them.

Again, contact us if more information is wanted.