The Body's Map of Consciousness®

What is IA’s Body’s Map?

Many body mapping systems exist.  This one, empirically developed over four decades of direct experience and observation of tens of thousands of people, is built into you, and we believe that it is designed to be explored and verified by anyone with the willingness and curiosity to do so.
Its fundamental principle is that every site on or in your physical structure is predisposed to resonate with one or more specific other levels of consciousness – other body sites, emotions, thought patterns,  and everything else that defines you as unique.  Your movements (or lack thereof) literally embody these resonances.  Exploration of behavior patterns can increase awareness of limiting rules and inhibitions, which can then lead to the possibility of choosing to move differently – to invite different behaviors, different thought patterns, different ways to respond to life’s experiences much more in keeping with your happiness and health.
To bring this to the realm of your human system, it can be felt that bone vibrates – moves – at a different frequency than fluid.  Nerves vibrate differently from connective tissue.  Thoughts operate at a different level, and within a different vibrational spectrum, than do emotions.  
Through movement, touch and expanded perception you can access directly your body’s map of consciousness.  Our bodies are always in present time and space – and they never lie.  
Following is a personal example taken directly from the book, “The Body’s Map of Conciousness® Volume 1”:
“Ellen’s first experience of Integrated Awareness® was at an evening introductory workshop.  She says, “Admittedly, I was skeptical and I agreed to go only to satisfy the constant urgings of a good friend.  One of the first instructions given was to shut our eyes and internally assess the shape and size of our eye sockets.  Seemed like a rather strange thing to do.  I was surprised to discover, though, that if I paid close attention I could actually sense differences between my two eyes.
“We were told the left side of the body resonates with female essence, and the right with male.  We were asked to cover the eye corresponding to our own gender with the hand on the same side, and then the eye associated with the other gender with the hand that we had just used.  Again, curiosity got the best of me, and I went along with the instruction, only to discover sensations and differences that I had no idea existed.
“Then came the instruction to do the same process with the other hand (in my case, the right hand, the one associated with male).  I was totally stunned when I covered my left eye with my right hand.  Everything went dark, there was absolutely no sensation or awareness of self in this configuration!  I immediately raised my hand and asked, ‘How could this be?’
“The instructor’s gentle answer was to ask if I was surprised that I disappear and completely devalue myself when I am observed as female from my recordings and projections of male perspective.  Bingo.  I was captivated.  This was the beginning of self-discovery and exploration in Integrated Awareness that ultimately changed my life.”  
Our body’s map is utilized equally in hands-on sessions and in workshop settings.