May 2015

Posted in Blog on May 20, 2015

Our reality is painted by past hurts, regrets, “oops”, etc. which are still to be forgiven or even acknowledged – both by other and self.

Forgiveness gives rise to freedom and understanding, to momentum forward, wisdom and even compassion.

It releases us from the blame game, feeling trapped or helpless and somehow the victim of circumstance. It allows us to take back choices which automatically spread into all facets of our lives – past, present and future.

Posted in Blog on May 3, 2015

We have all felt time race and drag, stop and start again with blanks or gaps in the stream.  From Einstein to the present, modern physics and much of metaphysics question time’s vary existence. 

Yet how can something we have all experienced in so many variations not be real?

It does exist – because we create it with our brains.  And, you can learn to exert conscious influence over it.