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Posted in Blog on Sep 14, 2014

In Eastern traditions, surrender refers to the goal of removing the ego from your behavior.  

In physical terms, surrender mean “give up or die” – to wave the white flag. 

To yield means to include another’s reality and intentions even when different from your own, thereby merging their strength with yours – and increasing clarity as well.  

Yielding also eliminates the need for win/lose and right/wrong.

Posted in Blog on Aug 14, 2014

 As babies, we feel everything but don’t know for sure what it all means.  We create the experience of being right or wrong to decrease the feeling of overwhelm and to try to fit in.

As grownups, in any moment in which you are free from “supposed to be”, anything can become a discovery!  

In this world, Learning and Healing are often part of the same process – especially when the fear of being wrong does not dominate your consciousness.   

Posted in Blog on Jul 13, 2014

“To be vulerable actually means to be present and available for connection.  
When we connect –
when we choose to belong – we expand.”   -LBG 

Posted in Blog on Jul 2, 2014

When celebrating who we’ve been and who we are, we can enrich our experience of past and present by remembering the challenges that had to be met from the viewpoints of those who did back then.

When dreaming of who we can be, we will enhance our creativity in the future by recognizing others who now face the same challenges as in our history – but for whom new and different solutions are needed.

Posted in Blog on Jun 24, 2014

There is no more frequently
undertaken task
with less proportional harvest
than working toward change
through the mind.   

Posted in Blog on Jun 8, 2014

What’s the Difference?

All of us find some things hard if not impossible either to forgive or to accept. 

Both of these are actual choices which we do or don’t make – behaviors we do or don’t manifest. 

There is a sharp distinction between them.

Posted in Blog on May 28, 2014

Maya Angelou:  One of America’s greatest Poets, Teachers, Warriors and Inspiriations.

Thank you, Maya – you will be missed!  

Posted in Blog on May 17, 2014

Allies or Adversaries?

It’s not really an either/or… 

Survival plus our personal beliefs continue to present to us the universe as a dualistic choice when it reaches our conscious awareness.

The mind sees in terms of opposites:  i.e., black ~ white, good ~ bad, yes ~ no, yin ~ yang, right ~ left, friend ~ foe.

The brain sees “lukewarm”, “grey”, “maybe”; it also sees inclusive patterns and especially new choices.

Posted in Blog on May 6, 2014

Do you know yours?

How often do you hear yourself speaking words that don’t match the internal dialog running in your head?  Do you catch yourself saying something to someone, but often thinking something very different?  Perhaps you say something to one person in a completely different manner than you say it to someone else.  When this does happen, do you believe yourself to be duplicitous or less than authentic?  You’re not, and welcome to the human race!

Posted in Blog on Apr 13, 2014

What is IA’s Body’s Map?

Many body mapping systems exist.  This one, empirically developed over three decades of direct experience and observation of tens of thousands of people, is built into you, and we believe that it is designed to be explored and verified by anyone with the willingness and curiosity to do so.