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Posted in Blog on Nov 3, 2015

All of us are familiar with the first two and usually with some anxiety or resistance attached.

What distinguishes them are two primary states of being:

First, in order for a commitment never to devolve into an obligation, all of our aspect need to have been present and in relative agreement at the time we made it.

Very hard to do when we all have so many divergent wishes, fears and intentions.

Posted in Blog on Sep 26, 2015

The former is usually regarded as absolute, derived from authority, unchanging and deviation leads to great, if not eternal, peril.  The latter tends to be situational, variable, individually created and ignored at a cost primarily to health and quality of life.

The overwhelming difference between them is exerted in the realms of self-trust:  If, when and under which circumstances.

Yet there are common elements as well. They both involve striving to better the self, to fit in or belong more completely, to provide service and contribute in the world.

Posted in Blog on Aug 16, 2015

We all know of the courage to preserve – first responders, emergency medics and especially, now here in the West, our firefighters from all over!

Posted in Blog on Jul 18, 2015

And, we’re each in the drivers seat.

When there is more You available to You,
essence, inspiration, joy, connection,
creation all bubble for a venue of 
expression. Self becomes the igniter of

Instead, we often feel that we’re living by
someone else’s rules and that we’ve put
others’ needs before our own and begun
to lose our footing. 

Posted in Blog on Jul 2, 2015

Many would say the Mind – but the mental body has no material existence and so has no direct sensory/physical input. Some would say the brain – and it does help!

But your entire physical being is needed because your body has the only complete and accurate recordings of all your life experiences.  

Posted in Blog on Jun 8, 2015
I recently ate chocolate!  
Most “hang on” behaviors were learned in childhood (when our options were fewer) and, though more sophisticated by now, essentially rely upon the same protective strategies.
The very best tools are seldom called upon, because many of us were not taught how to use them. 
Posted in Blog on May 20, 2015

Our reality is painted by past hurts, regrets, “oops”, etc. which are still to be forgiven or even acknowledged – both by other and self.

Forgiveness gives rise to freedom and understanding, to momentum forward, wisdom and even compassion.

It releases us from the blame game, feeling trapped or helpless and somehow the victim of circumstance. It allows us to take back choices which automatically spread into all facets of our lives – past, present and future.

Posted in Blog on May 3, 2015

We have all felt time race and drag, stop and start again with blanks or gaps in the stream.  From Einstein to the present, modern physics and much of metaphysics question time’s vary existence. 

Yet how can something we have all experienced in so many variations not be real?

It does exist – because we create it with our brains.  And, you can learn to exert conscious influence over it.

Posted in Blog on Mar 24, 2015

Trillions of cells, most with millions of components, operate in cooperation with each other most of the time.  How is this possible?

Our bodies learn new skills, develop allergies and immunities, repair injuries, handle breathing and digesting, and keep us upright and moving without much supervision on our part.  

Some(one/thing) must be driving this bus… 

Posted in Blog on Feb 28, 2015
Whenever we have feelings but don’t have permission to express them, we set in motion many physiological strains.  A simple analog is to imagine having your car’s brakes on and pressing the accelerator at the same time.  Friction and smoke are the common result.  It makes sense that this feeds the inflammatory cycles within our bodies as well.
Some common forms include:

- “I have to but I can’t”