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Posted in Blog on May 3, 2015

We have all felt time race and drag, stop and start again with blanks or gaps in the stream.  From Einstein to the present, modern physics and much of metaphysics question time’s vary existence. 

Yet how can something we have all experienced in so many variations not be real?

It does exist – because we create it with our brains.  And, you can learn to exert conscious influence over it.

Posted in Blog on Apr 2, 2015
choice, belonging, creativity, joy

From first cell to last breath, every one replaces itself and passes on what has been learned.  This downline is consistent throughout the entire body – from brain to heart to bone.

In day-to-day terms this means that the essence of your being and the growth in your life – all the ages you have been – still exist today, side by side, simultaneously in the present.  

Posted in Blog on Mar 24, 2015

Trillions of cells, most with millions of components, operate in cooperation with each other most of the time.  How is this possible?

Our bodies learn new skills, develop allergies and immunities, repair injuries, handle breathing and digesting, and keep us upright and moving without much supervision on our part.  

Some(one/thing) must be driving this bus… 

Posted in Blog on Feb 28, 2015
Whenever we have feelings but don’t have permission to express them, we set in motion many physiological strains.  A simple analog is to imagine having your car’s brakes on and pressing the accelerator at the same time.  Friction and smoke are the common result.  It makes sense that this feeds the inflammatory cycles within our bodies as well.
Some common forms include:

- “I have to but I can’t”

Posted in Blog on Jan 1, 2015

We are all human, and our shared purpose is to elevate that state.

If you really want what you say you want,
you must not hide; 
you must commit;
and you must be willing to desire.

If we hide, can we enjoy success if we stumble upon it?

If we won’t commit, how will others be drawn to support us?

Posted in Blog on Nov 17, 2014

As we are entering the holidays… here’s an encouragement to choose in each moment how safe you are ready to feel:

Without trust there is no belonging – and there is little enough of either in the world.

To a child, ”trust” is the belief that interactions, discoveries and the very presence of You… whomever… whatever… will never hurt.

Posted in Blog on Nov 3, 2014

“A good description of having healed is:

- Physically you are capable of doing what you want without fear of pain or reoccurrence;

- Emotionally you are responsive to present events instead of using them to recreate past hurts;

- Mentally you are quiet and without a sense of coercion;

Posted in Blog on Oct 9, 2014

‘Until one is committed,

there is hesitancy, the chance to draw back, 
always ineffectiveness, concerning all acts of initiative (and creation).

Posted in Blog on Sep 14, 2014

In Eastern traditions, surrender refers to the goal of removing the ego from your behavior.  

In physical terms, surrender mean “give up or die” – to wave the white flag. 

To yield means to include another’s reality and intentions even when different from your own, thereby merging their strength with yours – and increasing clarity as well.  

Yielding also eliminates the need for win/lose and right/wrong.

Posted in Blog on Aug 14, 2014

 As babies, we feel everything but don’t know for sure what it all means.  We create the experience of being right or wrong to decrease the feeling of overwhelm and to try to fit in.

As grownups, in any moment in which you are free from “supposed to be”, anything can become a discovery!  

In this world, Learning and Healing are often part of the same process – especially when the fear of being wrong does not dominate your consciousness.