On Self-coercion, Inflammation & Health

Whenever we have feelings but don’t have permission to express them, we set in motion many physiological strains.  A simple analog is to imagine having your car’s brakes on and pressing the accelerator at the same time.  Friction and smoke are the common result.  It makes sense that this feeds the inflammatory cycles within our bodies as well.
Some common forms include:

- “I have to but I can’t”
- “I have to but I hate to”
- “I should but I’m not…”
- “I shouldn’t but I am…”

Each reveals our having lost a part of our sovereignty.  Each creates a sense of being trapped, overwhelmed and generally stressed.  Most often, these types of internal conflicts are set in motion when we are very young.  
A central tenet of IA work is to assist our guests to recover this ability by re-experiencing in present time a diluted recording of that familiar conflict, regaining our right to choose and developing more self-trust.  
Dale Alexander on IA® Fundamentals
Senior Integrated Awareness® Teacher
Key West, Florida