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Posted in Blog on Jun 7, 2016

There’s self, there’s other and there’s other-other. Most of of us believe we know what the first two are. The third may sound a little weird, especially since we each have several of them.

Fancy names like sub- and multiple personalities, semi-autonomous fragments, dissociated aspects, even PTS, etc. have been given to what are actually normal adaptive behaviors. To survive, we do need to rearrange our inner beings frequently and choose which components to reveal in differing circumstances.

Posted in Blog on May 26, 2016

It’s traditional and fitting to remember and honor with extra focus each year those who have sacrificed for all of us on this Memorial Holiday – our military services, first responders, individual heroes and societal leaders in every field. May we always do so.

Posted in Blog on Apr 17, 2016

Inspiration is not the exclusive privilege of poets or artists. There is, there has been, there will always be a certain group of people whom inspiration visits. It’s made up of all those who’ve consciously chosen their calling and do their job with love and imagination. It may include doctors, teachers, gardeners – I could list a hundred more professions.

Posted in Blog on Mar 26, 2016

“An Uplifting Path”

The world and the media 
- social and conventional - 
are so filled with messages of alarm that
it is easy to 
feel that we are all swimming upstream and that 
everything else is falling downhill.

Posted in Blog on Feb 19, 2016

We live in unbalanced times – some would say to the point of unsane. Even those who avoid, or at least minimize, exposure to electronic media are powerfully effected by the currents in which we all swim together.

In political and social arenas, correct “posture” means having (or protraying) the right attitude. As individual humans it means upright on our skeletons (whether seated or standing), supported by our centers and balanced in our perspectives.

Persuasion and/or convincing will seldom produce this result.

Posted in Blog on Jan 24, 2016

“Our bodies retain all the innate and adaptive truths of our lives.

These memory experiences were encoded by movement, emotion, our many-more-than-five senses and our inborn reasons for living in the first place.”  

Posted in Blog on Jan 5, 2016

Part of it is that unity of self is a challenge to generate in regards to change.

There are beginnings and “resolutions”, but they usually grow from,and often remain paired with, old losses or perceived failures – which sort of creates a paradoxical/oxymoronic condition.

We want to start the new, but that means leaving behind the old. We “resolve” to change but overlook the reality that resolution also means ending as well.

These patterns emerge from the fact that each of us has many voices, many conflicting desires, intentions and fears.

Posted in Blog on Dec 17, 2015

IA’s 2016 year’s thematic:

We will use movement in many forms and contexts to awaken a greater sense of freedom and safety.

Challenge, changes in perspective and the ability to appreciate progress already made are some of the defining elements. But what are the reliable trail markers that can let us know where we are now?

Ease of movement physically and energetically, excitement rather than fear at the prospect of change and a broader, enhanced sense of connection will be a great beginning.

Posted in Blog on Nov 3, 2015

All of us are familiar with the first two and usually with some anxiety or resistance attached.

What distinguishes them are two primary states of being:

First, in order for a commitment never to devolve into an obligation, all of our aspect need to have been present and in relative agreement at the time we made it.

Very hard to do when we all have so many divergent wishes, fears and intentions.

Posted in Blog on Sep 26, 2015

The former is usually regarded as absolute, derived from authority, unchanging and deviation leads to great, if not eternal, peril.  The latter tends to be situational, variable, individually created and ignored at a cost primarily to health and quality of life.

The overwhelming difference between them is exerted in the realms of self-trust:  If, when and under which circumstances.

Yet there are common elements as well. They both involve striving to better the self, to fit in or belong more completely, to provide service and contribute in the world.