Forgive and Accept

What’s the Difference?

All of us find some things hard if not impossible either to forgive or to accept. 

Both of these are actual choices which we do or don’t make – behaviors we do or don’t manifest. 

There is a sharp distinction between them.

When you forgive, you sever the connection to the experience which has compelled you to keep hurting.  If centered upon a specific, i.e. a person, that individual is no longer important.  When careful and precise, the wound itself can be healed without letting go of the person, family or ideal vision.  

When you accept the nature of something as you have experienced it, you begin to heal the wound of which it is a part – but you maintain the nature of the attachment to it.  

In a majority of cases, males find it easier to forgive and females to accept.  This predisposition appears to be more biological than cultural.  

To more of both in the world…      ~ LBG