The Courage to Preserve and Courage to Change

We all know of the courage to preserve – first responders, emergency medics and especially, now here in the West, our firefighters from all over!

But there is also the courage to change –
beliefs which limit who we feel ourselves to truly be, habits and behaviors which no longer serve but actually entrap, loyalties honorable but displaced in time and space, inner truths we are afraid to speak or manifest, commitments now degraded into obligations, dreams of something more but now discarded.
All of these “making less of ourselves” share a common element: absence of awareness, especially of present time sensory input of our physical nature, functioning and innate purposes. It takes great courage over time to reawaken these aspects of consciousness and have them serve our sense of aliveness and discovery as they once did our child self.
There are direct paths and they do all require courage.
Integrated Awareness invites “self-healing through self-discovery”.