Seeing the Truth and its hidden rewards

As humans, we all recruit hopes, dreams, visualizations, concepts and magical child imagery to generate the sense of actually manifesting what we need to create a better life.  Too frequently left out are the bridges between these elements, which in fact are themselves the true rewards.

  • New alliances and previously unimagined connections aligned with the vision of others;
  • The excitement of the journey;
  • Self-worth, which grows from courage and risks taken;
  • Self-trust and the responsibilities that comes with it;
  • Belonging;
  • Owning your Life

All of these, and especially the last two, are Behaviors, not happenstance, and are yours whenever you act in harmony with your personal inner truth.

The knowledge of how to do this is innate within us, just deeply buried by the requirements we faced individually as children in adapting to the world we were taught to “believe in” rather than experience directly for ourselves.