What is Integrated Awareness?

Integrated Awareness, belonging, forgiveness

Integrated Awareness is

an innately human set of skills for healing and wholeness through movement, touch, enhanced awareness and changes of consciousness.  We are each a complete person, but we often feel ourselves to be a collection of parts, any of which can put up filters and set off defenses preventing us from living in the now.  

We all have constant input from our environment, both internal and external, but we are unaware of most of it in the present, because our system is clogged with conditioning from the past.  
We’ve all read or heard of the Body-Mind-Spirit connection – but which connection?  The body has dozens of emotions, scores of tissue types, billions of movements and countless thoughts, and no one has yet measured the magnitude of human energy or spirit.  Yet you somehow organize them all into You. 
IA is a process, an intention and a set of behaviors and tools which enable us to guide this marvelous system without the fears, wounds and rules which have held us down so far below our inherent capacities.  
IA is belonging–well-being–safety.  It is forgiveness and good enough.
It is “self-healing through self-discovery”