Movements for Peace

We all have many things in common: birth and death, gender, nervous systems, skeletons, genetic endowments, minds and feelings. If we look, what differs most strikingly are our habitual movements and postures and their extraordinary variation in degree of ease and grace.

Gravity is a universally shared part of all our lives–consistent in itself–yet we struggle with and utilize it in wildly different ways. Much of this comes from confusing the habitual with easy – thinking that the familiar is also preferable. Actually, it is often not your friend.

Movement patterns not to our advantage usually come from very young reactions to feeling approved or rejected, right or wrong, wanted or not. Since all additional movement skills rest upon the base of the earliest ones, we tend to be standing on tilted foundations.

This results in less self-worth, less self-trust and permission to create. Yet there are simple movement principles we can learn to embody in new behaviors creating more choice and belonging.

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