Promises and Beliefs:

What’s the difference?…
In our personal lives and in the larger social arena, we make, hold and hear many of both. They seem tightly linked – even the same thing.
In reality, a promise is genuine only to the degree that the whole of the person making it is aligned in that moment – not just the most excited parts. For example, vows often have unrecognized “fingers crossed”. 
A belief also has exceptions, but they are likely to be intentional blind spots or “that doesn’t really matter” components.
Both are predictably full of expectations and often lead to disappointment for ourselves and others.
To know the degree of truth and consistency in any connection, one needs to sense the body’s state, be conscious of our own feelings and have as much awareness focused internally as we project outwardly. Babies are born this way.
Freedom of movement, intentional energetic linkage with others and a willingness to have our own beliefs evolve as we go through life will bring greater clarity wherever we need it. 
IA’s next opportunity to explore these differences is coming up the weekend of Sept 16 & 17, “The Body’s Map: Movements for Peace”