“If you were to design a physical structure by which a soul, an aspect of the divine, could journey within earth reality, you would surely do everything possible to create a feedback loop, an information system, through which that embodied soul might make intelligent interpretations of experience and wise choices for creating more.

For efficiency’s sake, you might base that feedback system on built-in parallels, intrinsically elegant metaphors, holograms and analogs to the true nature of the soul, only in physical form.

Surely it would make good sense to you to meet the ground rules of the planet — gravity, endoskeletons, gender, birth and death, the spectrum in which you perceive light and sound — with a design whose intention would be that, even in the darkest of moments and at the hardest parts of the journey, there would still be reminders of the soul’s nature and capacities.

     Perhaps, then, we can assume that our bodies must have been designed to constantly remind us of our purpose and function on the planet.
     Perhaps we can imagine that they partake, in their very structure and quality, of the same harmonic resonance (albeit at a lower frequency) that the soul itself knows.
     Perhaps we can — and, in fact, we do — assume that the human body is designed to be a microcosm of the entire range of consciousness, so that through this vehicle our embodied souls could come to know/experience source while human.

The body’s design is not random. The information it yields is one hundred percent accurate all the time. Increased awareness of its workings and its imposed limitations grace us with data concerning all levels of consciousness.”

                                                                                                                                        - Integrated Awareness®️