TSH stories

Feedback from some who completed the previous Truly Sane Human Courses:

Truly Sane Human:
At the completion of this course I find my life changed in foundational ways. At once stimulating, challenging, confrontational and inspiring, the course has given me a more balanced view of my life. It has leveled my playing field of darkness and light, of hiding and seeking recognition, of apathy and passion. I can now play in those domains without having to embrace my personal drama each time.
Discovering where, when, how, and why my self-limiting strategies began, evolved and became unconscious in my day to day existence, has released me to own my power, have confidence in myself, to care less about what others may think of me and more about how I am, as the unique human I am being.
I discovered many of the rules I lived by were not my rules at all. They were rules founded by others who had their own best interests at heart. Many of these rules lived in my viscera and operated way out of my functioning awareness. My life was being driven/guided by these rules without my having any conscious awareness of the decisions I was taking because of them. The energetic relief at firstly discovering, then ignoring or breaking these rules without anything bad happening freed my whole system to be able to operate with more capacity, more ease and less effort.
In my 60 plus years on this planet, I have yet to experience a better return on my investment of time, money and energy. I commend this course to anyone who has an interest in being a more fully present human being.
Jules Cochrane, Big Sur, CA
Since Truly Sane Human I FEEL (emphasis on FEEL):   Congruence, ease and alive!!!
In relation to self: I FEEL a “fuller” sense of self. I shifted toward the human being side from the human doing side of the pendulum.  I am more conscious of a distinction between my busy mind and other parts of me that prefer more nourishment than a daily “to do” list.  I am innately seeking and FEELING for what is congruent in my entire being.  My mind no longer gets to endlessly hijack me into a whirlwind of busy “to do”s, “have to”s or “should”s.  My internal compass recalibrated from magnitude of accomplishments to degree of ease in all aspects of my life.
In relation to others:  I now prefer deeper connection and have less urge to defend or convince.  I am much quicker to find common ground.  I also find less tolerance for pretense in myself or others.  As opposed to feeling obligated as I had in the past, 
I organize my life so I don’t put myself in unsatisfying superficial situations. 
In relation to self expression in the world:  I am operating from my core which I never used to even acknowledge. I am asking the universe and my body to guide and I use my experience of ease to validate that I’m on the right course. If I hit a barrier, I stop, am curious and wait until my body and clarity resume movement. 
I FEEL at home in my body, comfortable with others and the world, excited about possibilities and overall…more alive!! 
Judy Greenman, Marathon, FL