Rosemary - Brewster, New York


When I was a young student nurse in 1950 and again when  getting my degree in 1980 I had been educated to know the function  and problems associated with the interior organs of the physical body.  I learned the typical Medical Model for the disease process, trauma repair and the different approaches for healing via surgery and/or medication.

Later I was introduced to Therapeutic Touch for nurses to use in their patient care.  It was an application of one’s energy through the hands to create a soothing, relaxing caring touch to facilitate relaxation and healing.
Moving onward and away from the medical model to Holistic modalities of care I learned the technique of Focusing and then Bio-Spiritual Focusing.  It was here that I became aware of intelligence within the body and the use of mind to gently bring nagging doubts and fears to the surface for our understanding and compassion.
And then I moved to Key West, Fl. from New York.  During two massage treatments, sorrows emerged and created puddles of tears.  She immediately suggested that I seek help from a deep tissue therapist in the area, Dale Alexander, and that was the road ‘less travelled’.  It took time, but eventually the work within my body brought forth calm and most importantly a feeling of joy, which had not been my experience.  By now I am 60 years +.
Enter Integrated Awareness and Lansing by way of Dale.  It has been my great joy to have experienced I.A. workshops in Florida and New Hampshire as well as having personal sessions with many of the I.A. Teachers.  Two members of my family were also introduced to I.A. and have enjoyed life enhancing results.  The genius of I.A. is the elevation of my minds eye to the holding of old & new information within tissues and organs that need to be relieved of such burdens.  It is easy now to feel my body’s excitement and happiness and an ongoing practice to be aware that old fears may linger.
My body is a recording that needs to be cleared now and again.  My gratitude is endless for all those who teach and have given me so much to enjoy. Rosemary, 85 y.o.