Claudia Six, Phd - San Anselmo, CA

I’ve been having Integrated Awareness sessions since Oct 1999.  Sessions with have changed my life over the years, and I’m not being melodramatic.  

Issues I have presented were along the theme of emotional development: 

- what gets in the way of me finding a monogamous life partner?  
- how can I be more open emotionally? 
- how can I allow myself to take up more space? 
-how can I manifest more of what I want in my life?, be less hard on myself, get out of my own way, feel more, protect myself less, be more comfortable alone with my thoughts, not obsess about body image, not blast people energetically, not make others wrong… Garden variety personal growth stuff. 

Some changes were profound: increased empathy, a softness around my eyes, being more in my body, less self-abandonment, permission to have a child, a decreased need to micromanage, less urgency around my needs, more trust. 

Other changes were seemingly more frivolous, but indicative of deep change:  I completely changed my wardrobe to dress in ways that don’t hide my body, I developed more intuition, my waterskiing improved dramatically, my laughter opened up, the cat let me pet it longer (because I was more present), I took a vacation with my mother, I danced freely, I was drawn to silent meditation retreats, I was less interested in watching TV.

Everything has become easier, and I couldn’t be more grateful.

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