Timing is the greatest positive variable we can cultivate:

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It is truly, immediately empowering to us – and relieving to others.

This weekend we will sharpen our skills of recognition, weeding and fertilizing of the planned and the unexpected in our lives. 

Sensing right timing is a combination of being present, having clear intention without a rigid path to it and developing the habit of spontaneous action. Our own lives and memory supply evidence of this fact.

Many elements we wish to control are in reality beyond us. “Time” speeds up, slows down or stops, and often seems in short supply. Others’ actions or inertia, arbitrary circumstances and unknown elements can all produce chaos or a timing opportunity.

Right timing can be easily felt – or learned to be – by enhancing our awareness

of where/when our energies are in relation to our bodies,

of ease or unease in the gravity field as felt through our skeletons instead of our muscles,

of how we actually create the experience of time, and

of whether our actions are based on fear or have-to instead of want to. 

We’ll experience how we actually manifest our reality.

Gift yourself and join us.

June 9, 2018 to June 10, 2018

Saturday: 11am to 6pm
Sunday: 11am to 5pm

$300 for the weekend
Bring a friend or family member and each recieve a $30 discount.
Integrated Awareness®
3800 Bodega Avenue
Petaluma , CA 94952
United States
IA® Center