The Times They Are A-Changin'*

Workshop Information

Fundamental societal change is in immediate view. Each of us can see places and circumstances where it has been neglected or denied, and many of us have felt there is little we can do individually to make a difference. And, it’s true that no one of us is going to save the world alone.

What is also true is that changes we make within ourselves can accomplish many things, for ourselves and in the world.

For example:

First, they bring an element of greater congruence and self-worth to our daily existence;

Second, they set an example to others that change can happen for them as well – a kind of beneficial contagion;

Third, they inspire those closest and most important to us to respond and adapt in ways that enhance and make less scary their own growth;

and Fourth, they help us to become more clear about the essence of our fundamental life purpose – the answer to the frequently asked question “What’s the point…?”

This day will be spent discovering many ways to hear and trust our own unique internal truths, kept safe all this time by your body, which can not lie.  It will help ease our fears, focus our energy and prepare us to directly contribute as we feel guided.

* Bob Dylan

January 19, 2019

11am to 6pm


$150 for the day
Bring a friend or family member and each receive $20 off. 

Integrated Awareness®
3800 Bodega Avenue
Petaluma , CA 94952
United States
IA Center