September's Ta-Da: an Avocational Series

Avocational Study Information

Expanding, owning and using our IA skill sets….

To garner maximum breadth and momentum, one day before and two days after table days and the weekend workskhop are  Avocational days. 

Topics to be priortized:  CranioSacral, continued specific BMOC, vault and brain, along with expanded states prepping for November’s advanced, “Time, Epigenetics and Evolution”.

Open to all current Apprentices and Graduates. 

If doing a Personal or Exploratory contract one of the three Avo days may be open to you.  Contact the Center with interest.

September 11, 2018 to September 18, 2018

Sept 11: 1st Avocational Day to begin (11am to 6pm)
Sept 12-14: Table Assist Days (the 12th may be part Avo) (10:30 - approx. 6pm)
Sept 15-16: Weekend workshop (Sat, 11am-6pm; Sun, 11am to 5pm)
Sept 17-18: Avocational Days (Mon, 1pm-7pm; Tues, 11am-6pm)


Apprentices: contract days
Grads: Member discounts apply 

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