Time, Epigenetics and Evolution

Avocational Study Information

This event is an Avocational gathering for all Gradutes from across the IA timeline.

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Community Information: 

This is a Community Event for IA Graduates and advanced Apprentices, designed in company with the pre-event Sessions/around table days.

Granting the obvious truth that multiple consciousnesses contributed to your being, profound questions of sovereignty, deserving vs responsibility, fairness and even sanity all inevitably arise.

If Higher Self initiates all our lives –
and simultaneously, but
we know our MB developed slowly,
how much of it was predisposed?
Is “free will” really in doubt?
Are epis and micros a two-way stream, equally affecting each other?
Is overwhelm more than a thread?
Is it also sensory input overload?
“Is an inflammatory cell response a current time expansion of the infantile growth impulse”.
Epigenetics makes it seem quite possible.

Our primary focuses of interest will be:

  • brain patterns, particularly their relative priorities,
  • the outer rings of the visual cortex and the continuous input of connections from them which are largely ignored, 
  • how epi’s and micros influence the development of personality components,
  • how to heighten the importance of crown and heart,
  • and relating them back to IA “essentials” to provide the “gravity” for all these higher functions to stand upon.

Precisely designed starting postures and more than usually tightly directed movement sequences will be utilized to ensure we have such awareness. Reverse engineering of our epi developments can make permanent the changes we choose. This will involve learning to recognize the precise timing of their original activation and dissolving the coercion in the emotional body and its reactivity.

Using our capacity to sense into our own cellular endowments, (and with a little help from our friends), we will explore these questions in such ways as to free the answers from self-doubts.

The mind’s attachment to the emotional/fuel supply will dry up. Instead of conflict with change and fear of it, peace of mind seems potentially in reach.

We will be at the Petaluma Center. Capacity is limited for this event to 18-20 participants. To guarantee your space, registering with a small deposit is recommended. Active dues can now be used towards Avocational events each year. Click for direct link.

November 4, 2018 to November 10, 2018

Nov 4th & 8th: 1-7 pm
Nov 5th, 6th & 9th: 11am-6pm
Nov 7th: rest day
Nov 10th: 11am-5pm

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