"Learning to Dance with Yourself" - IA Avocational

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This is an Avocational event geared for all Apprentices & those Graduates who wish based on content.  

“Learning to Dance with Yourself”

IA has a long tradition of using the various forms of the dance of consciousness to embody awareness, relevance and belonging.  Our human climate makes it timely again. 

We have often started this type of event, or at least placed early on, a public workshop component.  We’ve learned that is actually the best integrator.  So, this year we are ending with “Love….”. 

Recognizing and trusting your own perceptions will be the music of this week.  As in past year’s, requests will be considered in the design to create the best harmonic. Your most rewarding suggestions will be the ones that you are least fond of. Among them are likely to be from IA’s bones, such as:

1) The Body’s Map: when uncertain, do you rely upon it? (especially in terms of structural, visceral and sensory navigation);
2) Core brain mapping: sites/structures, what they do and how they communicate (eg. what is the hippocampus/what does it do?, bridge building between 2nd and 4th visual rings, etc.)
3) Self-trust anchored dimensionally through gravity (necessary precursor for all types of epigenetics);
4) Emotional comfort when vulnerable and being seen creating first your own container and then the guest’s(s);
5) Self/Other – how do you know/find ‘self’ within your ‘other/others’ (clarity regarding the first eight levels up through the higher self interface with the brain/mind)
6) Barrier or boundary – one has rhythm…

We would ask that you register and send any requests you do have well in advance.

Opportunities begin March 24 and continue as follows – content will be mixed throughout each type of day and the week.  Pick the days most attractive to you.

Mar 24-25: Table/Assist Days - community prioritized for table times
Mar 26, 27, 30: “Avocational Class Days”  
Mar 28: “off day”
Mar 29 & 31: Open Assist - public prioritized 
April 1&2: “What is Love…” - weekend workshop


March 24, 2017 to April 2, 2017

Mar 24-25: 10:30am to 6:30pm - Assist/Session day
Mar 26, 27 & 30: 11am to 6pm - "Avocational days"
Mar 28: scheduled "off day"
Mar 29, 31: 10:30am to 6:30pm - public Assist days
Apr 1 & 2: 11am to 6pm - weekend workshop, "What is Love..."


Apprentices: contract days
Grads: TM discount apply for specific days

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