Energy and the Emotional Body:

How to refill and keep from draining our reserves

Workshop Information

   What the heck is an emotion to begin with?
                        Is it a feeling?
                   A charged thought?
             An overwhelming sensation?
          A glimpse of inner truth? More?


                                                                                      What is human energy?
                                                                            Electrical, chemical and magnetic flux?
                                                                     The requirement for life? Reaction to gravity?
                                                                                            Mystical Force?
                                                                          That which ties us together? More?


The importance to us all as individuals and as a society is the way in which all these elements are combined, stacked and prioritized. Painful emotions quickly habituate into energy loss!

Anger for example may increase energy in the moment, but it steadily drains our reserves, covers up something closer to our core and ages us faster. By contrast, the shared energies we feel with a
smiling child increase both of our energies and helps replenish us.

Positive and negative emotions and energies can be generated to oppose or reinforce each other.

Using movements associated with emotions and feelings (rather than the wounds themselves) and generating neurochemical state changes to alter/regulate energy, we will explore how to spot the onset of both favorable and conflicted combinations. We will also begin to increase skill in choosing the patterns we find preferable.

Careful guidance is definitely included – so are more self and deserving.

January 20, 2018

11am to 6pm
We are excited to share this first workshop in our new Center in Petaluma.

Bring a friend or family member and both receive a 10% discount.
Integrated Awareness®
3820 Bodega Avenue
Petaluma 94952
IA® Center