Randy - Alameda, CA

I first came to Integrated Awareness seeking continued work on my sobriety following six months with Alcoholics Anonymous. I was looking for something more… and I stayed for 25 years of table sessions and classroom study with Lansing Gresham.

Integrated Awareness has been for me a process of learning to integrate the different levels of my life (my physical body, my emotional body, my energetic body, my spiritual body, and my soul) into present-time awareness. I was amazed to learn it is possible to know how all of me feels, here and now.
The knowledge, experiences, and courage IA has provided me have had unexpectedly useful application across the spokes of my life. In my profession, I found IA training to have been invaluable in expanding my professional skills, as well as increasing my ability to relate to and communicate effectively with world-renowned performers & artists, business clients, and professional colleagues. In my personal life, Integrated Awareness has helped me discover my own authentic self & personal integrity, to live a life that others might notice and respect.
Lansing is a gifted teacher and holds to the highest standards of ethics and integrity. His ability to heal, to teach, to listen are unmatched. Through my experiences with IA, I have adopted as my personal standard one of his many cogent teachings: “You don’t get to live a life where you don’t make a difference.”