Maggie - San Francisco Bay

Twenty years ago I came to Integrated Awareness® needing healing after a serious car accident.  My life passion and work require me to travel the world, but I could not fly because my left ear could not pressurize.  The first time someone had their hands on me in IA I felt a deep awareness of all the energy in my body.  Within thirty seconds I knew I needed to know more.

I started looking for Lansing, the founder of Integrated Awareness, who was the teacher of the person helping me.  When I learned his base was near my hometown, I felt incredibly lucky.  So many people come from all over the world to seek out this work, and for me it was local.

In the course of healing my ear, I came to see that other problems in my body and my life where all related.  I learned that:

  • I have emotional intelligence in my body.
  • trusting my body helps me occupy it. 
  • I was locked into rules that did not have consciousness or the awareness that the time in my life when I agreed to them had passed.
  • pure potential lives within me.
  • I affect reality, and I can trust this process even though my mind does not understand it.

The problem with using words to describe and share IA is that words come from the part of the mind that also makes rules and judgements, so it is a bit difficult to explain and to understand when you first start learning – but I feel the working because no matter what the issue, when I am in a room with people in a workshop or when I am having a session connecting with an insight, I also float up to a happy state.