Carolyn - South Marin, CA

About 15 years ago, my doctor recommended a wonderfully gifted IA teacher to me. Through a series of table sessions and occasional workshops, my perspective of the world around me and my place in it has changed profoundly. The notion that there is more choice available to me is both thrilling with possibility and daunting with responsibility. I can recall the moment when I finally felt the weight of choosing to view myself as scarred shift toward the possibility that I was quite complete.

I’m attracted by the notion that while I don’t need fixing, that there is support for exploring new choices. Over time, I’ve experienced greater awareness of the situations where I’m insisting on applying old models for my behavior or for interpreting the behavior of others; and, it’s easier for me remove those filters. In general, it’s led to a greater comfort with uncertainty and with what would have previously been perceived as a lack of control in situations. In terms of internal perceptions, shame and disappointment in myself has been replaced in large measure with self-acceptance. I’m more likely to laugh at my missteps today than I was in the past.
I’m so very grateful to IA for these wonderful gifts. My life continues to be enriched immeasurably by their talent and commitment.