IA Founder

Lansing is a teacher, healer, philosopher and visionary with the rare gift of being able to beautifully articulate the possibilities of human
experience. In his sessions and classes many things may become clear: subtle relationships, common patterns, shared knowings,
universal meanings and possible implications of actions which play out as the roles in our lives. 

Lansing created IA as a system of movement, touch and consciousness development to meet the needs of the growing 
community of people seeking greater healing and awareness. His “Body’s Map of Consciousness®” is a profoundly detailed and 
meaningful set of innately human associations and matrices describing how locations, movements and patterns in the
body and brain are connected to behaviors, choices, perceptions and the continuously unfolding play of consciousness in
our lives.  

Lansing studied early on with some of the greatest teachers of the last century before developing Integrated Awareness. He credits Moshe Feldenkrais (Feldenkrais Method®), Dr. John Upledger (Craniosacral® Therapy), Dr. Jean Pierre Barral (Visceral Manipulation), Dr. Fritz Smith (ZeroBalancing®), June D’Estelle (The Illuminated Mind®), the work of Milton Erickson and many other inspiring innovators with guiding his searches and on-going discoveries.  

He is Principle Teacher at the main Integrated Awareness® Center in Sonoma County, California where he has been teaching to public and avocational
students for four decades.