What is "Family"? Who are You?

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The many holidays before us are packed with expectations, memories, obligations, roles usually played – and our inner awareness that we actually have become more than that.

How do we introduce, and hopefully merge, our growth and evolution which have moved beyond those limits without creating upset? Hiding and self-abandoning don’t work. “Forcing” others to acknowledge (& be okay with) our expanded selves is all too often reacted to with fear and judgment.

Learning to recognize what is true for but uncomfortable in other(s) offers the chance to sense from our own menu of personal feelings the reactions being felt inwardly by them – and adapt to be soothing without “labeling” our behaviors as such. If we do so, rather quickly most people will make the changes in response that increase ease within themselves automatically as well.

If you don’t act from approval seeking or judgment avoiding, you will often engender gentleness and maybe even the foundational elements of understanding.

This day we will cultivate the ability inherent but suppressed in almost all of us to choose our own feeling state in any given moment, not for pretense but for grace in whatever setting we find ourselves.

Wear layered, comfortable clothing.

Bring willingness and courage.

Anticipate relief and enjoyment.  

November 17, 2018

11am to 6pm


$150 for the day
Bring a friend or family member and each receive $20 off. 

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Petaluma , CA 94952
United States
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