We Become Our Reactions: a Saturday workshop

Workshop Information

“Reaction” to most of us means the times we were gruff or negative in
our response – but what about all the times that, to keep peace or create
a higher vibration, we put our feelings aside? 

How much of being the “nice one” does it take to rob us of sovereignty and
hide what is really true? We can avoid confrontation but frequently at a price.
Think of relationships in your life where not speaking up has limited growth
for both parties.

This day will include reinforcing the infrastructure for being unconditional
with ourselves, necessary for being unconditional with others.

We will also look at how we hold our wants vs. our needs, many not updated since childhood, in the ways that 
would truly benefit us now. When confused, this can make success feel unsafe and opportunity be overridden
by fear of failure.

By creating more room for self, we’ll welcome growth spurts of clarity, permission and creativity. 

March 7, 2020

Saturday: 11am to 6pm

$150 for the day
Bring a friend or family member and each recieve a $15 discount.
Integrated Awareness®
3800 Bodega Avenue
Petaluma , CA 94952
United States
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