A Time to Gather

Avocational Study Information

This event is an Avocational gathering for all Gradutes from across the IA timeline.  

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Community information:
Oct 19-21: Pre-event Session or Tutorial times (click for details) 

The tools to be emphasized in this course reflect the two most requested skill sets from December’s survey:

  • Significant brain mapping expansion and re-patterning, driven both by recent hands-on discoveries and published research
  • emphasis on Brain “grounding” and our cellular responses to gravity in tissues outside the central nervous system (another way to use Body Mapping  – real balance in our sensory and central nervous processors)
  • reduction in stress and even shock or terror
  • epigenetic recognition and interactions

There will be table times priot, but the major focus is being driven by both local and large scale factors on which we want to have individual as well as a shared impact and support.

The exciting and reassuring thing is that, given clear self-other boundaries, the epigenetic work itself is actually quite simple and even speedy when done in such a container. They reinforce each other. 

For lots of folks, this will also be an opportunity to renew connections with several of those we have missed for too long and gather strength together.

October 22, 2017 to October 28, 2017

Oct 22th & 26th: 1-7 pm
Oct 23rd, 24th & 27th: 11am-6pm
Oct 25th: rest day
Oct 28th: 11am-5pm

Cancellation Policy: 
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