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Lansing Barrett Gresham

Founder of Integrated Awareness, Lansing has, over four decades of touch and movement work utilizing enhanced perception, developed a map correlating each level of human consciousness with specific body sites and patterns. Non-causal in nature, it affords insight and healing opportunities for the entire spectrum of human experience. He is Principal Teacher at The Center for Integrated Awareness® in Sonoma County, California, conducts workshops throughout the United States, Australia and New Zealand, and has co-authored two books, "Ask Anything and Your Body Will Answer" and "The Body's Map... Read more

About our Colleagues

Avocational Study of Integrated Awareness began in 1990 and continues to the present.  As the work has evolved, so have our Colleagues – the most Senior of them returning regularly to expand and refine their skills and understanding at the same time that current Apprentices are being exposed to the IA world for the first time.  We are proud to introduce them to you.

Each time you click on an Individual Teacher, the order of their presentation will change to accommodate their widespread home bases throughout the United States and including Spain, the UK, Greece, Israel and New Zealand.  To find the Teacher closest to you, check the listing to your right or contact us directly for a referral.

Wherever you go, you will be in good hands. 

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