Susan - Alaska

Integrated Awareness has been for me a very personal journey from chaos to calm, from separation to belonging, a vehicle of self-inquiry and discovery, a touchstone for sanity and safety. Guided through a process of experiential learning, IA works from the inside out. I was asked to show up for the process, state what I wanted and to remain open for what is possible. 

With a professional background in mental health and having spent years studying and exploring many modalities in the healing arts and sciences, IA offers something clearly different. Change. Having attended weekend and weeklong courses and series events, the exploration very early on began to uncover layers of insight. I became aware of thinking thoughts I hadn’t had before, feeling into my internal experiences more deeply and with less fear and less shame. I began to see out of my story, maybe the trajectory of my life was not what I had imaged and feared.  I was challenged to take responsibility for myself on a fundamental level, I was in charge of my own healing and supported at my own pace.  IA is not psychotherapy, but it facilitates a deeply psychological process. IA is not a medical model of diagnosis and treatment, but it can facilitate the body to heal.  IA is not mystical or magical and there are no guru’s or saints in the room, but there are human beings reaching out to others with knowledge and skill and kindness or maybe that’s all it takes to make magic. 
Sometimes, we don’t know what we know or who we can be until we have the courage and encouragement to discover it for ourselves.