Max - Brooklyn, NY

I’ve been learning and expanding with the aid of Integrated Awareness for fifteen years. As a teenager I talked circles around talk therapists, uninterested in a conventional approach to anything, much less to depression, anxiety, and my myriad strategies of resistance to living.  

My first experience with IA felt insistently true and instantly trustworthy. I don’t remember what I went in to accomplish, and I don’t remember what my teacher looked like, even though I’ve worked with her every year since.  I do remember a new found trust in an ability to reach my self out beyond my perceived physical limits and contact a living and magnificent world.  I felt like I had finally experienced proof that good exists.  

Since then, IA has functioned as one of my main resources for living as I had once dreamed impossible: with expanding consciousness and deeply joyful power flowing from my soul through my fingers.