Chloe - Northern California


My experience at Integrated Awareness was absolutely incredible and life changing.  I had a lot of discomfort in my body coming in there, and the work done with Jane and Lansing helped reduce a lot of my physical and emotional discomforts and opened up opportunities to live in a whole new way.  

Now when something in my life happens, I can immediately feel where I hold certain muscle groups and tense up.  This newfound awareness has enabled me to release that tension and come back to who I really am, releasing the anxiety and allowing my body to be at ease.  

I also learned a lot not only by being on table, but also by attending a wonderful, personable, and informative workshop.  I learned how much of my life was the result of feeling I had to fulfill the desires of others and conform to social norms. Now when I have to make a decision, I close my eyes and I ask myself if my decision is the right one and which direction is towards my life purpose.  When I figured out that every cell in my body knows the answers to my questions, I no longer needed to drop into despair or consult one and all to help me make decisions.  I always notice if there is contraction in my heart.  

For so long I had a really hard time changing my ways, but I learned from IA that the “familiar is not my friend,” and found that it is easier on my nervous system to change my ways and patterns, and experience mild discomfort for a short period of time, and then to get to bliss and ease.   

Another beautiful thing that IA taught me is that everyday is a new day to start over, that we don’t need to wish for another lifetime or a different life.

Integrated Awareness has changed my life for the better and opened up new opportunities for me to discover the world in a whole new light and sink into my body with ease, coming back to who I really am!