Your "Compassion Fatigue"

Workshop Information

… began as your “Infant’s Overwhelm”.  As promised in an earlier blog, this is now a February weekend workshop. 

A great many of us share an urgent need to somehow make things better in the world – but the price of doing so is feeling what isn’t working, appropriately named “compassion fatigue”.  

While an infant, nearly everything is intense, and often too much so.  A necessary part of growth and adaptation is learning to selectively filter, numb out or even shut down – exactly what cannot be done when developing compassion as an adult.  

What is needed is to build a two-way bridge, enabling the unconditionality of the child to become actively allied with the developed lessons and strengths of the grown-up self.

Looking forward to building a bridge.

February 8, 2014 to February 9, 2014

Saturday: 11am to 6pm
Sunday: 11am to 5pm

$300 for the weekend. 
Bring a friend or family member and both receive a $35 discount.
Cancellation Policy: 
There will be a 20% processing fee for cancellations with less than 24 hours notice.
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