Love is the highest form of Justice…

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and living well is its evidence.

Two of the more pervasive and debilitating of human beliefs and projections are “betrayal” and “abandonment”. They are painful, persistent and indiscriminate.  Happily, they are also rather easy to release and conclude, given a little courage.  

If “abandoned”, someone must have decided and then acted upon the basis that you were not important enough.  If, however, that someone was more self-absorbed, indifferent, confused or frightened, you were what is euphemistically known as “collateral damage” – not “abandoned goods”.  

If “betrayed”, someone must have intended to do you the maximum harm they could, and then pretended to love you.    

It makes sense to be insulted by both of these.  It is not very present time or in anyone’s best interest to stay attached and continue to reproduce within yourself the same upset over and over. 

Living well directly promotes “self-healing” and love – the highest form of “justice”.

This kind of healing does take courage… and willingness.  Finally “being tired of” and “my life is now” are also huge helpers. 

June 21, 2014 to June 22, 2014

Saturday 11am to 6pm
Sunday 11am to 5pm


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