Timless, Epigenetic and Quantal

Avocational Study Information

This is Community Event for IA Graduates and advanced Apprentices already having participated in either or both 2017 and 2018’s courses. If you did not, and have interest in the material, please contact the Center directly.

Community Information:
An intimate event to advance 10th and above:
June 24:   To clearly distinguish 8-10th, for Lever, self-spokes & others-spokes (recommended, but optional)
June 25 - 29:  Main course of continuing Higher Dimensional Healing® Skills
June 30 & July 1:  Table session (open assist)

June 24, 2019 to June 29, 2019

June 24: 1-7pm
June 25 - 29: 11am-6pm (except 5pm end on 6/29)
June 30 & July 1: Session Days 11:00am to last session start


$150 per day 
Sessions at Grad discount rate
Assisting - no charge with current TM membership

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