Shanon Sloves

Shanon Sloves

Integrated Awareness®
Benicia , CA
United States
Phone: 707-495-2923
Sessions Available: 
Individual IA Sessions
What originally drew me to Integrated Awareness?:

I have been on a journey of self-discovery and physical congruence since my divorce from an 18 year marriage in 1998. In January 2000, I became a Nationally Certified massage therapist and continued to take ongoing diverse and advanced body work training that in 2014 led me to Integrated Awareness.

The week after a colleague spoke of Integrated Awareness to me, I was on Jane Gresham's table for my first session which was soon followed by a session with Lansing Gresham. Through those two sessions, I felt connection to deep aspects of my body and soul. It was as if there now existed the possibility that being me - could not only be ok - but desirable! I became an apprentice the next month.

A description of my current services:

As a full time body worker, I enjoy connecting with individuals who are looking to feel less effortful in their body and in their life in general. I work hands-on with body, emotion, and mind as a unified collective that is not necessarily congruent. My intention is to meet my guests where they are, as they are, connecting with their desire/wish for wellbeing.

I have an ever expanding set of tools, open heartedness, and curiosity. Each session is an exploration of possibility for choice desired and, through Integrated Awareness, the potential for choice not previously considered.

Individual Session Information: 

Please call for an appointment.

Background and Additional Credentials: 
Born with deformed and underdeveloped hips, I have experienced body casts, corrective surgeries, and adaptive patterns both physical and emotional.
I have been working with a progressive, collaborative chiropractic group in Vallejo CA since becoming a body worker in 2000.
My ongoing training has included -
IAHE: Visceral Manipulation, Manual Articular Approach,
Brain - Tissue, Nuclei, Fluid & Autonomic Nervous System,
Neural Manipulation, Heart Centered Therapy
As well as:
Reposturing, Aston Patterning,
Quantum-Touch, Sacred Lomi,
Reflexology & Infant Massage